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Geoff Turner


Geoff Turner

Geoff joined Bluesky Strategy Group following an extensive career as a senior political advisor in the Ontario government. His hands-on experience working with cabinet, caucus and opposition politicians, committees, political staff, senior public servants, stakeholders, and media brings to Bluesky a wealth of knowledge and understanding about the politics, policy, stakeholder management, communications, and decision-making processes at work in government. 

As a Senior Policy Advisor to the Ontario Minister of Finance, Geoff managed high-profile policy files including cannabis legalization and alcohol market reforms. He also was responsible for internal relations and Budget oversight with all health, social services, education and justice sector ministries, and led the development of several key initiatives in the 2017 Ontario Budget. Additional experiences include senior roles in social policy, stakeholder relations, and legislative and communications support, all in high-pressure, front-page environments.

His connections to Parliament Hill also run deep, where he enjoys a good reputation as an effective advocate and is a regular media commentator on federal politics and public issues.

Geoff has developed a wide range of practice at Bluesky, including extensive government relations work in the natural resources, clean energy and ZEV space. In addition, Geoff provides clients with thoughtful communications advice and services with a focus on key message development, awareness and thought leadership campaigns, public communications strategy and execution and presentation coaching.