Bluesky’s team-based approach brings big wins.

Government Relations & Lobbying

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Relationship Building

Bluesky connects you with the right decision takers and influence makers. The team will help you craft your message and get their attention.

Issue Monitoring & Analysis

The Bluesky team keeps an eye on your issues and ensure you are ready to take action the moment there is movement.

Procurement & Funding

Bluesky knows how to navigate the complexities of government procurement opportunities and funding programs, helping clients with their applications and post-application engagement.

Legislative & Regulatory

From consultations and committee appearances to amendments and exemptions, Bluesky works with clients to address legislative and regulatory matters that impact them.

Media & Public Relations

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Media Relations

Bluesky has an extensive network of media contacts across the country that we put to work for our clients.

Crisis Communication

Bluesky knows how to plan for the unexpected and manage through a crisis. We can provide the advice you need when it matters most.

Media Training

Bluesky knows how to talk to the media. We’ve trained politicians and CEOs, scientists and academics, and spokespeople from a wide variety of sectors.

Message Development

From narrative development to writing op-eds and speeches to writing short and direct for digital – Bluesky does it all for our clients.

Digital Communications

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Social Media Campaigns

Whether your message is for a department, a region or the nation, targeting through digital is a science we speak and the tools we use.

Campaign Collateral

The medium is the message. Bluesky provides the expertise to turn your complex message into a targeted product that turns heads and shapes ideas.

Digital Development

Need a base for your digital campaign? Bluesky can build the online supports to make your message accessible and create a destination for your audience.

Digital Audits & Advice

Bluesky’s digital and visual expertise can help your organization bring your communications to the next level and expand your reach.

Event Design

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Lobby Days

It’s all in the logistics. The Bluesky team can get you the right meetings and keep everyone on track.


Government decision-makers attend many events. Bluesky plans ones that stand out and draw a crowd.

Conference Planning

A well-executed conference lives and dies in the details. We have the experience to pull them off.

Event Branding

From concept to collateral – Bluesky builds the concept from the brand to the message and all the details in between.

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Why Bluesky?

Bluesky Strategy Group has the expertise and the experience to drive big results. Our team continually builds on our foundation of understanding as we partner with industry, academia, government, media, not-for-profits and Indigenous and cultural communities to build bridges and foster strong relationships. 

The team is a group of creative, “blue sky” thinkers with a proven track record of harnessing potential, translating knowledge into the possible, and turning ideas into reality. 

Trusted & Respected

Bluesky knows the media… and the media knows us. Our team is integrated and tuned-in to Canada’s unique media ecosystem creating deep networks and institutional knowledge consequently gaining the trust of officials and influencers.

Bluesky’s political commentators are regularly sought after by Canada’s top political television, radio and print outlets for their knowledge and expertise, whether on the innerworkings of Parliament Hill to the impact of government on the lives of Canadians, businesses and institutions from coast-to-coast-to-coast. Our team has the reach to get your story told where it will be seen and heard.

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