Posted on June 28, 2024

Summer 2024 is now upon us and from coast-to-coast-to-coast, temperatures are rising. It’s not just the record-breaking heat dome felt last week in Ontario but also the political heat, as a shocking by-election win has some talking about the Prime Minister’s future and the timing of the next federal election. This means the summer could be far from lazy and hazy on the political scene. So let’s look at the months ahead and what that means for Canada’s political landscape.

With our members of Parliament and the Senate now back in their ridings, the focus will be on connecting with constituents.

Prime Minister Trudeau continues to signal his intent to stay and lead for the “much more hard work to do to deliver tangible, real progress that Canadians see and feel,” as the smoke clears from Toronto—St. Paul’s. The Cabinet, also visibly stung, is backing up the boss, while some MPs may be grumbling and spooked behind the scenes. The noise for change may get louder from quarters beyond elected officials, but the leader remains the leader.

For the Trudeau government, the big question is what will motivate Canadians to reconsider the Liberal Party in 2025. Watch for greater outreach from the party, speaking more directly to Canadians about why Liberals deserve their vote – from the front-line summer canvasser to Cabmin scrums. Starting with Canada Day and the Calgary Stampede through to the regional barbecue circuit, they will be out and about gathering ideas for the final 12-18 months of this parliament and setting the table for platform development leading into the October 2025 election.  

The penchant for summer barbecues and meet and greets is shared by every political party. For Opposition leader Pierre Poilievre and the members of his party, the momentum continues to build and their messaging to Canadians remains focused on affordability concerns, Justin Trudeau and the Liberal track record. That means Poilievre and senior Conservative MPs will be touring the country this summer spending time in Quebec, BC, the GTA, and Atlantic Canada, in ridings where they expect to pick up seats and attract new candidates, volunteers, and money. And advertising. Lots of advertising – with a full war chest, the CPC has the dollars to widely deliver their message outside of the writ period.

With all the focus on Trudeau, Poilievre and their parties, the NDP, Bloc Québecois and Green Party will face an uphill battle to be heard this summer.

In official Ottawa and provincial capitals across the country, the hard work of the public service continues, developing and updating the policy and regulatory language that forms the backbone of program delivery.

As always, Bluesky Strategy Group continues to monitor what’s going on in the federal and provincial governments this summer and will provide our clients with the expertise, advice, assistance and networks to help you identify and engage with available government support.

Parliament resumes Monday, September 16 and for those interested in getting ready for the fall session, the Bluesky team is here to assist in developing your ask.

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